12 recruits graduate from North Las Vegas Fire Academy

Graduates include a U.S. veteran and Fire Explorer Program graduate, among others 

Twelve new firefighters graduated June 16 from the North Las Vegas Fire Academy, expanding the North Las Vegas Fire Department and increasing service to constituents. 

The 12 probationary firefighters, three of them firefighter-paramedics, will undergo thorough training and evaluation through the end of the year and will serve constituents from eight stations located throughout North Las Vegas. The new firefighters and paramedics join an elite corp of City of North Las Vegas first responders. When applications opened, over 1,000 candidates applied. 

To join the ranks of the North Las Vegas Fire Department, graduates must complete an intense 18-week academy that includes 120 hours of emergency medical service (EMS) training and introduces them to the skills of firefighting, hazardous materials training, vehicle extrication, leadership, customer service and community engagement. 

“These 12 graduates just endured the longest 18 weeks of their lives, and now they are about to embark on the fastest 30 years of their lives,” North Las Vegas Fire Chief Joseph Calhoun said. “Once the badge is pinned, they are dedicating their time to the service of the North Las Vegas community, choosing service above self.”