North Las Vegas pays off gas, electricity bills for nearly 5,000 households that have fallen behind on payments due to COVID-19

North Las Vegas, Nevada – The City of North Las Vegas paid off nearly $2.1 million in unpaid gas and electric bills owed by its residents during the pandemic, thanks to a new partnership with NV Energy and Southwest Gas.

Under the NLV CARES Utility Assistance Program, the City paid off a portion of the outstanding balance of North Las Vegas residents who have fallen behind on gas and electricity payments due to COVID-19. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the North Las Vegas City Council has prioritized the use of relief funds on assistance programs for residents and businesses.

“My biggest concern is making sure we are taking care of the people who live in North Las Vegas, and that is exactly what this program does,” said Mayor John Lee. “I’m proud to partner with NV Energy and Southwest Gas to bring some stability to our residents during this difficult time.”

The NLV CARES Utility Assistance Program paid $2 million to NV Energy, to be directly applied to the accounts of 4,900 North Las Vegas residential customers to cover delinquent bills for those who are experiencing pandemic-related financial hardships.

“NV Energy would like to thank City of North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee and Council for their leadership in partnering with NV Energy to extend CARES Act funding directly to residents who are having trouble paying their utility bills,” said Doug Cannon, NV Energy President and Chief Executive Officer. “We hope this funding, as well as the one-time bill credit from NV Energy that is being applied to all southern Nevada customer bills, will provide some welcome peace of mind during this challenging time.”

Additionally, the City paid Southwest Gas nearly $30,000 to cover delinquent bills for 180 customers in North Las Vegas who have been affected financially by the pandemic.

“We know the COVID-19 outbreak has placed unexpected financial hardships on the people in the communities we serve. We are committed to ensuring our customers can continue to rely on safe, affordable and clean natural gas. We appreciate the City of North Las Vegas for helping people impacted by Covid-19 pay their utility bills,” said Sean Corbett, Southwest Gas Manager, Corporate Communications. “We encourage Southwest Gas customers living in North Las Vegas who need further assistance to call us to arrange flexible payment plans and to learn about financial assistance at 1-877-860-6020.”

The payments do not cover late fees and penalties stemming from the past-due bills. Southwest Gas and NV Energy waived those fees and penalties for accounts covered by this program.

Through December 1, the City of North Las Vegas plans to pay off up to $3 million in unpaid bills for utility accounts that are identified as COVID-19 impacted. Customers facing financial hardships are encouraged to contact the utility companies to discuss payment options and available assistance programs.

The NLV CARES Utility Assistance Program is funded by federal CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund dollars that were provided to North Las Vegas as part of a $23.8 million grant from the Clark County Commission.

The City is also accepting applications at this time for the North Las Vegas CARES Housing Assistance Program and the NLV CARES Small Business Assistance Program. To view all of the City’s COVID-19 assistance programs and to apply, visit