Operation Vets - Job Training Partnership

The City of North Las Vegas, Teamsters Local 14 and the Department of Veterans Affairs have developed a partnership to offer placement and training for eligible veterans in a local, state, or federal government position while being paid a monthly subsistence allowance from the VA.  The veteran is teamed up with a case manager from the VA and job supervisor from the City to ensure the employee has the necessary supplies, equipment and education resources to be successful.  

There is no cost to the City and current employees have the opportunity to train high-quality workers who have served our nation. The Veteran will establish employment history, provide exposure to employment opportunities, earn a monthly subsistence allowance and gain access to public sector employment.

Working together, the City, the Teamsters, and VA can provide a positive impact on the Veteran, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the City of North Las Vegas and the Community. This program is made possible by the collaborative efforts of Teamsters Local 14 and the City of North Las Vegas.

If you are a veteran with at least a 10% service connected disability and an honorable discharge you may apply for vocational rehabilitation by visiting https://www.ebenefits.va.gov/ebenefits/homepage web page.  Just follow the link to Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program.