North 5th Street Overpass Now Open

The City of North Las Vegas is pleased to announce that the fourth phase of the North 5th Street Super Arterial is complete. Commuters were able to use the overpass and improved roadway for their Monday morning commute.

Phase 4 of the Super Arterial project encompassed the area from Carey Avenue to Cheyenne Avenue. Improvements included expanded roadways; wide, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks; and beautiful landscaping.

The Super Arterial offers residents a quick, convenient alternative for driving north-south across the city and into surrounding areas of the valley.

“Particularly with Project Neon, we envision this will be a relief valve from congestion,” City of North Las Vegas Director of Public Works Jennifer Doody said.

The construction contract for Phase 1A of the North 5th Street Super Arterial was awarded in December 2008. Future work includes intersection improvements at North 5th Street and Cheyenne Avenue, which are being designed now.