City of North Las Vegas teams with Las Vegas Valley Water District and City of Henderson to combat water waste

North Las Vegas – The City of North Las Vegas, along with the Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) and the City of Henderson, are conducting a joint patrol operation this weekend to combat water waste.

On Sunday, July 17, the City’s Utilities team will work with conservation staff from the LVVWD and Henderson to patrol neighborhoods and commercial areas in North Las Vegas where high water waste has been observed. The three entities teamed up last month to conduct similar patrols in Henderson and in other parts of the Las Vegas Valley.

“Water is the Valley’s most precious resource and we all have a responsibility to use it wisely,” North Las Vegas Utilities Director Tom Brady said. “Working together, our conservation teams are able to effectively patrol wider areas and educate customers who are excessively watering or not following their assigned watering schedules.” 

Through August 31, the mandatory summer watering schedule is in effect. Watering is allowed up to six days per week but is strictly prohibited between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. daily and any time on Sundays.

In addition to schedule violations, common examples of water waste include:

  • Irrigation systems that allow water to spray or flow off property
  • Draining a swimming pool or spa into the street rather than a designated sanitary sewer port where water is recycled
  • Delaying repairs to breaks, leaks or other malfunctions that allow water loss

The City of North Las Vegas has a long-standing commitment to conservation and has been a leader in using technology to reduce water waste. In 2018, the City began installing smart meters at customers’ homes to track leaks and usage in real time to address issues quickly, saving significant amounts of water and customers’ money! Other City conservation efforts/initiatives include installing smart timers for watering grass at parks, replacing water-intensive grasses with low-use varieties and using specialized recirculating pumps to capture and recycle the water used during firefighter training exercises.

North Las Vegas water customers found to be in violation of the summer watering schedule or any of the other uses outlined above may be subject to administrative water waste fines. Find more information about assigned watering days, water conservation and preventing water waste at