City of North Las Vegas celebrates Women's History Month

The City of North Las Vegas is celebrating Women's History Month all through March with a social media campaign filled with fun facts, poetry and highlights of notable women from North Las Vegas and across the world. The campaign is aimed at honoring female leaders and inspirational woman who have made a difference in our world and paved the way for generations to come. 

The campaign will also call special attention to how women have handled the COVID-19 pandemic and discuss the challenges that arose from dealing with their children's education to balancing their own work and home life.  

"The pandemic forced a lot of women to give up the very thing that women in the past fought hard for -- their careers. Many were forced to hang their coats and help their children focus on their education to ensure they have a bight future, while balancing the daily grind of home life," said North Las Vegas Chief of Staff Rebecca Gipson, who organized the campaign. "These women deserve to be recognized for their selfless acts to nurture young minds for the betterment of our society." 

Councilwoman Pamela Goynes-Brown, who helped Gipson with the campaign, also hopes the effort will recognize the tremendous strain many women have faced as a result of putting their jobs on pause while putting their families first. 

"Women across the globe have dealt with a year full of massive change. From coping with the lack of childcare options to creating an ideal learning environment at home, it's no secret that women have taken an unbearable toll from the pandemic," Goynes-Brown said. "This year, we want to highlight their many contributions that have led our society to move forward, as well as show their hardships caused by the pandemic. Both accomplishments and struggles deserve to be celebrated in an effort to show how, above all, women continue to be resilient."

Tune in to our City of North Las Vegas Facebook page throughout the month of March to learn more.