City of North Las Vegas celebrates Black History Month

The City of North Las Vegas is celebrating Black History Month all through February with a social media campaign filled with daily trivia, artwork and facts to honor African American leaders and every day citizens who have made a difference in our community and nation’s history, along with enriched lessons for students at the Southern Nevada Urban Micro Academy (SNUMA).

Local community artists will also have their artwork on what Black History means to them highlighted throughout the month and SNUMA students will participate in a number of activities highlighting historical Black leaders, including an essay contest on historic figures and their contributions to America and guest speakers visiting the classrooms.

"Every February, people across the nation celebrate the achievements of African Americans during Black History Month. This year, I am thrilled to be a part of this citywide celebration aimed at expanding the knowledge of the history and contributions made by African Americans who have been largely minimalized or ignored in textbooks," said North Las Vegas Councilwoman Pamela Goynes-Brown. "For too long, African Americans have been marginalized in our society, while echoes of the country's distant and not-so-distant past still haunt us. It is time for us to raise the voices and contributions made by our African American sisters and brothers and not let those who come before or after us ever be forgotten again."

North Las Vegas Chief of Staff Rebecca Gipson, who helped organize the campaign with Councilwoman Goynes-Brown, also hopes the effort will recognize those who have paved the way for equality.    

"The focus was to not only highlight notable leaders that are commonly recognized during Black History Month, but to also highlight local leaders and every day citizens and the roles they have played in advancing the cause of equality, inclusion and the betterment of the entire community," Gipson said. "It is vitally important that students enrolled at SNUMA were engaged in activities that highlight influential leaders in the Black community that will help to ensure that the next generation understands the important role that African Americans have had and continues to have in American history."

Tune in to our City of North Las Vegas Facebook page throughout the month of February to learn more.