Frequently Asked Questions

What are microschools?
Are microschools public or private schools? 
What do I have to do to legally designate my child as a homeschooler?

What are microschools?

Microschools are small teaching and learning arrangements designed to meet the specific educational needs of the children they serve. They are as diverse as the families who choose them. There are no official definitions of microschools. Frequently, people host microschools for small groups of learners in their own homes, like homeschool co-ops.  Other microschools meet in workplaces or community spaces.  

Are microschools public or private schools?

Neither. In other states, microschooling is popular across education sectors - there are strong microschool examples that are traditional district-run public schools, public charter schools, private schools and homeschool co-ops.  

In Nevada, because of rigid regulatory and legal frameworks, and the lack of charter microschools, microschool is done under Nevada’s homeschooling provisions, organized as homeschooling co-ops. 

What do I have to do to legally designate my child as a homeschooler?

Microschoolers have to file a completed Declaration of Intent to Homeschool form pursuant to NRS 388D.020. In doing so, the parent/guardian officially un-enrolls their child from their prior school and declares that the parent/guardian has control or charge of the child and the legal right to direct the education of the child and assumes full responsibility for the education of the child while the child attends the microschool.  It is important to understand that if your prior school was a magnet school or a charter school, your child might lose their place in that school and have to enter the lottery to re-enroll.  You should also include an education plan with your completed Intent to Homeschool form. Here is a sample you can consider using:

Educational Plan:

The educational plan for my child will include sending my The educational plan for my child will include sending my child to participate in the Southern Nevada Urban Micro Academy every weekday, where my child will use NSSI curriculum (for grades 3-8) or Prenda curriculum (grades 1-2) for the core subjects of math and ELA, which will include reading, writing, and composition. The Southern Nevada Micro Academy will also provide social studies, science and other curricula as well.

Mail the form and plan to:

Office of Homeschool
Clark County School District
4204 Channel 10 Drive, Building B
Las Vegas, NV 89119
702-799-8630 ext. 5214

You will likely not receive any confirmation or acknowledgement from the CCSD office.  Once they have been notified, you are official and clear to attend our microschool program.

We recommend sending it via certified mail or any method where you receive confirmation of delivery.