North Las Vegas Police Chief unveils proactive plan to E.N.D. violence in the valley

New North Las Vegas Police Chief Pamela Ojeda recently released a three-point plan to E.N.D. violence in North Las Vegas. 

E.N.D. stands for Engaging Community, New Technology, and Dedicating Resources. 

Some of the key components of Engaging the Community include working with residents, non-profits, the faith-based community and anti-violence groups to combat and neutralize the culture of violence that's so prevalent in society today; collaborating with CCSD, CCSD Police and non-profit partners to identify more opportunities for outreach, education and anti-violence programming in schools; regular joint NLV/Metro police patrols around municipal boundaries to increase collaboration and shared information; and ongoing meetings and information with stakeholders across the valley.  

Some of the key components of New Technology include the use of portable video cameras that can be deployed to hot spots, neighborhoods and large events as needed; expanding the Vegas Safe Cam program, in which private residents and businesses with security cameras share footage with police to help prevent and address crime; expanding the Shot Spotter program to deploy more gunshot detection sensors into the community; and introducing "Parent Tech 101" classes to teach parents how to use social media and other technology to monitor their children’s activities, look for warning signs and learn more about their children's friends.

Some of the key components of Dedicating Resources include putting more uniformed officers on the streets in marked patrol cars; adding a new detective to the department's investigative team; and redeploying K9 units so they are more focused on patrols.


Community engagement also is essential. There are many resources available in North Las Vegas and across Southern Nevada, including rec centers and after-school programming, mentorship opportunities, social services resources, and outreach and education classes.

We look forward to working with you, our residents, to continue to make our community among the safest in Southern Nevada.

To get involved or for more information, please reach out to our North Las Vegas Police Department Community Engagement Team at or (702) 633-1808.