Sign up for Reverse 911

The North Las Vegas Fire Department urges residents to enroll in the reverse 911 system. This system, in conjunction with our other emergency alert mediums, is designed to inform the community of critical information in case of an emergency. The system does NOT replace any current systems for emergencies to include calling 911. The reverse 911 actually allows those registered to be informed of critical information via text or home phone, should a significant emergency arise.

You may register at

How does Southern Nevada on the Alert work?

Individuals submit phone numbers and e-mail addresses to the Southern Nevada on the Alert system.

The system then extracts the contact information determined by a circle or area drawn on the Southern Nevada on the Alert map. The system then launches a prerecorded message by calling, emailing or sending a text message to those contacts that fall within the defined area (based on the address used when signing up).

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