Identity Theft

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  1. Prepare a portfolio that establishes your identity. Example: birth certificate, baptismal records, proof of fingerprint record (military, employment, criminal), driver’s license, passport.
  2. Contact local credit reporting agencies. TransUnion - Fraud Victim Assistance Department (800) 680-7289 or, Equifax Consumer Fraud Division (800) 525-6285 or, Experian Consumer Assistance (888) 397-3742 or can obtain a free credit report online
  3. Report the identity theft to your local Police Department. Provide any and all related documentation including copies of your portfolio, credit report, and any letters or communications from creditors as an attachment for the Officer taking the report. The investigating Detective will arrange to have a S.C.O.P.E. entry made which identifies the individual as a victim of an identity takeover.
  4. (NV residents only) Obtain a Nevada Identity Theft Passport brochure and application from your local Police Department or the NV Attorney General’s Office at 1-877-213-5227 or . Follow the instructions and steps listed in the brochure.
  5. Prepare a form letter to the disputed creditors explaining the identity theft and any pertinent information that you have learned. Include a copy of the police report and your portfolio information. Send this information, return receipt requested, to the creditors. Demand that the fraudulent information be removed from your credit report. Advise the creditor that a reply is expected and that failure to comply under the Consumer Protection Laws will result in a lawsuit against the creditor.
  6. File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission by calling the Identity Theft Hotline, 1-877-438-4338 or on-line at:

  7. Keep a well organized record of all persons you have contacted with their phone numbers and what was said. Always/ALWAYS/ALWAYSfollow up these contacts in writing.
  1. As a means of preventing becoming a victim of identity theft, consider visiting the following Federal and State websites: Federal Trade Commission ( and; State of Nevada ( that explain the different types of identity theft and reviews steps you can take to prevent identity theft.  There are also identity theft protection services available to consumers that monitor basic information for monthly rates.  Some offer mobile tools to help you stay connected on the go.  Although the right solution for each person depends on what features they value most in an identity theft protection service, this link provides reviews and comparisons of the products available (  These links are provided for your convenience as research tools and none of the companies are preferred or endorsed by the North Las Vegas Police Department.  Neither the webpages nor the services of any of the companies are affiliated with the NLVPD.  The NLVPD is not responsible for the contents or the maintenance of these pages.


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